Dr. Robert A. Moss is a well-respected Doctor of Oncology & Hematology in CA. He is Fellow of the American College of Physicians - President of the Medical Oncology Association of Southern California - and Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Hematology, and Medical Oncology - His expertise is extremely impressive!


Dr. Moss presented a challenge that he needed Moore Studios to address. He wanted a strong brand that would speak to the medicine of his specialty, as well as his practice. He also needed an updated website that would have the ability to give information, as well as receive, from his patients and doctor referrals.


Our team carefully reviewed the details and moving parts of this application and developed a professional brand that Dr. Moss could be proud of. The Moore Studios Team then began to work through tasks that were necessary to build the new website from the ground up and provide an on-time delivery.


Upon completion of Dr. Moss’ new Branding and website, we found him very pleased. He now had modern looks that properly represented his practice, and the state-of-the-art engine to deliver and capture new volume.

Scope of Work

Every project at Moore Studios starts off with a scope of work that it outlined in detail and presented to our client.


Any good website starts with a good plan. By creating the basic foundational structure of the page and process, we were able to focus on content hierarchy. Ultimately, this creates streamlined solutions that drive users to the most useful content.

Design & Development

The overall user experience and organization of content was a big focus through this project. We design a comprehensive and state-of-the-art event management system to effectively communicate to thousands of groups hosting a single day event at their location.




Guiding Dr. Robert Moss and his staff through a comprehensive branding process resulted in a logo mark that the the office could be proud of and patients to associate to Dr. Moss.


We designed a new website for the patience to connect with Dr. Robert Moss’s oncology practice and seek medical services.  We included new features such as included pre-registration forms for both patience and families with details about service offerings.

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