Mobile Applications

Mobile is the biggest opportunity of the digital age! With more than Seven billion mobile devices in operation around the world, and the expectation for that number to grow exponentially in the next couple of years, it has become the most important means of communication for much of the planet.

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Your Audience Is On The GO!

The Moore Studios Mobile Group looks beyond messaging to create rich experiences, sites, native applications, and integrated digital signage, that can help your brand provide real value.  We provide a various array of solutions that focus on mobile web design, development and marketing.  Whether it is something as simple as taking your existing site and making it mobile friendly or developing a custom mobile application that provides your consumers or clients with a specialized resource, your brand will be firmly grounded into this rapidly growing market.

The Future Is Here

Empower People From Their Mobile Devices

We’ve designed and built dozens of device specific mobile phone applications and a grip of mobile friendly websites. We specialize in bringing solid UI and engaging aesthetics to this highly variable landscape. The future is unplugged. Are you?

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Your goals direct the offense from the whiteboard to the boardroom, but do they call the plays on your mobile application? We know the field. Let’s create the playbook.